Acornhoek Leadershipt development forum

The Acornhoek Leadership Forum (ALF) empowers leaders in the community to start their own upliftment projects and enterprise development. We find people with heart, determination and a passion to serve, and we support them in achieving their visions—helping people to help themselves.

The course starts with a week-long intensive leadership course, facilitated by David Ross Patient and Neil Orr of LTR, who bring their 25+ years of experience working all over Africa, mobilising remote and urban communities to take up their leadership, uplift their regions and bring solid education and intervention methods to the HIV/AIDS crisis.

Seeds of Light′s ALF aims at breaking the hold of dependency. With the myriad tools the ALF offers—including: goal setting, critical thinking, communication, listening and feedback skills—participants emerge with radiant dignity, a sense of great possibility and can-do attitudes.

The participants meet monthly for follow-up. A very wide range of topics is covered at the ALF′s monthly modules, including subjects such as: balanced diet, managing money, food gardens, ARV′s and prophylaxis, and facilitation skills.

Because our leaders commit to teach back to their communities what they’ve learned, we are able to reach many more people in the region, which means the possibilities are endless.

Many amazing, sustainable, grassroots community projects have sprung up largely due to the empowerment that our leaders gained from attending the ALF. Initiatives include: elder care, orphan centers, conservation projects, rural enterprise and tourism, youth and women’s empowerment projects, art and craft training, community gardens, and more. We are very excited about the great work that our leaders are doing in their communities.

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