Enjoy the Journey

enjoy-the-journeyLife is all about the journey, and very less about the destination. Be sure that any path that you choose, it is something that you have sincerely desired. It is very important to be in love with this journey of so called life otherwise life is nothing, but a severe case of mundane routines that frustrates the human being to their core.

A lot of people find it difficult to go on a path that they are going to love because they have no idea what is it that they want in the first place. It is all right to not know everything instantly. What is important is that you keep trying and exploring yourself in this experiment called life. Who knew that in life each day you learn something new about not just the world, but also about yourself?

It is a rather exhilarating process to constantly unravel yourself. There is something quite spiritual about falling in love with yourself each passing day because you are on a journey that is bringing you close to yourself. Many people when they are in pain, they immediately try to shut down themselves with the events and happenings of the life. However, pain is not always harmful and toxic. In fact, all kinds of pain can be converted into a lesson that will strive you to explore something new in life. Pain, most of the times, is a gateway to grandeur.

Destination is short lived, but it is the journey that is going to take most of your time, and you don’t want to end up on a monotonous journey. Go on a journey that is filled with rich web of stories that have warmed your heart immensely, and whenever you think back about them in retrospect, you can’t help but smile.