Defying Your Inner Critic

defying-your-inner-criticFrom the time that we wake up until we go to sleep, there is this constant noise and voice in our head guiding us through the day. At times, that constant line of thought is positive and inspiring, but most of the day it is a noise of fear and insecurity. It is very important to get in touch with that noise in order to empower yourself. You have to get in touch with that negative noise and teach it become positive. It is an everyday process.

According to several neuroscientists, our brain hangs to negative thoughts more than the positive ones, but if adequately train your brain to notice positivity, you will be surprised by the amount of change it brings into your everyday life. Your inner voice is the sole motivation behind everything that you do in life, and tuning in with that inner friend is worth everything.

One always is on war with their inner voice, but if you befriend that sound, it becomes the best guiding light in your life. Self-criticism, if not handled properly, is capable of destroying your dreams. However, one should not live in the world of floating bubbles either because they are capable of bursting. Therefore, having a reality check every now and then through constructive criticism is always recommended. It is necessary to achieve that balance where you are in par with the reality without destroying your motivation or allowing that nagging voice to take control of your life.

This change, although, is not going to happen over night, is definitely a step by step process that is going to involve a lot of time. However, with perseverance and patience, you can take over your inner critic and convert it into your inner friend. Wouldn’t that be lovely? It might be.