Dealing with the Past

dealing-with-the-pastPast: a term that technically rules over many of our lives endlessly. Past means so many things to so many people. To some, it is a pure sense of nostalgia, while to others it is something over which they can’t get a good night’s sleep. Life is not fair and at times terrible things happen in our lives.

Therefore, having the knowledge of empowerment, and most importantly knowing how to empower oneself, is something that is quite essential to sustain life peacefully. Our mind can be our biggest enemy if we let it be, which is why, one should learn to control one’s mind instead of being controlled by the mind itself. Dealing with an unpleasant past requires a lot of self-control and empathy for one self. Also, the wisdom of knowing that no event is larger than the life itself is rather beautiful. The right to approach to dealing with the past is to learn something from it.

The mistake that most of us end up making is that we judge our value by the incidents that happen to us. The truth of the matter is that we mean so much more than the events that happen to us, and in something as fleeting as time, no particular period should have the power to determine our worth. It is tough to deal with a difficult past, but definitely not impossible if you have the power to vision yourself in the grandeur scheme of things.

Pledge on not destroying your present with the memories of the past, and you will discover a beautiful tool of self-empowerment. Indulge in activities that give you happiness, cultivate a hobby that shows a true side of yourself, even better is if you can travel and explore the world. it doesn’t has to be a place outside your reach, it could be as close as your own neighbourhood.