Compete with Yourself

compete-with-yourselfIn a society that is constantly competing with each other, knowing that your only competition is yourself can be a real blessing. Each person is different in their approach to life, and following their footpath might not give you the same results as it gave to them. In such circumstances, you are your only competition. You can only strive to be better.

Be Better than Yesterday

Try to do something different everyday that makes you feel you are growing in some ways. It could be anything, it is up to you for deciding.

Take Small Steps

Do not try to take a big jump because if you fall, it might hurt real bad. Take baby steps towards your dream, everyday.


Always review your days and action. Measure how each day you are progressing towards being a better version of yourself. Introspection is the single most skill you need to develop in order to achieve that striving personality. Moreover, regular intervals of introspection is really good for your mind, body, and soul.

Weigh your Expectations

Do not set unrealistic expectations at any cost, because if you are unable to fulfill them, you are only going to have yourself disappointed. Instead, know your capabilities and potentials, and yes of course, definitely work on expanding your horizon as broad as possible. Remember that learning is a never ending skill because there is something new to learn everyday.

Reward Yourself

In the end, there is no joy in being anything if you do not indulge in the art of rewarding. Rewarding yourself regularly for every tiny achievement is necessary to keep your motivation running at a full speed. Embrace your flaws and don’t be hard on yourself for being flawed because our flaws are what make us a human being in a real sense.