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Leadership & Training Resource Centre, formerly known as Empowerment Concepts, was founded in 1995 to provide a vehicle to combine the experience and skills of David Patient and Neil Orr, with a specific focus upon the psychosocial aspects of living with HIV, based upon research findings regarding long terms survivors and PNI (Psychoneuroimmunology).

However, it became apparent that such principles and methods were equally effective in non-HIV areas, including personal empowerment and leadership development in corporate settings.

Although Leadership & Training Resource Centre is well known for its’ Wellness programmes (Positive Living, Peer Educator Revitalisation, Primary health, nutrition, VCT, treatment advocacy), as well as Emotional and Relational Intelligence trainings (Leadership Development, Personal Empowerment, Values Counselling), its’ reputation is founded upon its’ pragmatic ability to create, adapt and customise programmes for its’ clients, which include corporate, government, and NGO’s, in diverse settings.

The approach and methods of Leadership & Training Resource Centre are influenced by Spiral Dynamics (method and design determined by prevailing group value systems), Neurolinguistic Programming (pragmatic change methodology), and Psychoneuroimmunology research (seeking physical evidence for psychosocial change processes).

Company details:

Founded: 1995
Company Reg N°: 1995/40623/23 (RSA)
VAT N°: 4080162219 (RSA)
Members: David R. Patient
  Neil M. Orr
Postal Address: PO Box 13430, Nelspruit, Mpumalanga, 1226, South Africa
Phone: +27(0)82 591 2647
Fax: +27(0)86 674 7940
Web: www.empow.co.za

Programme Design & Implementation

History: Programme Design & Implementation 

LTR (and its predecessor Empowerment Concepts) has designed and implemented diverse large-scale programmes for clients, including: 

Vida Positiva (Positive Living) (2001-2003) 

National HIV/AIDS ‘Activation’ programme implemented in Mozambique. Commissioned by the National AIDS Council of Mozambique. Involved directly capacitating delegates from private sector, government, faith-based organisation, to implement interventions regarding HIV/AIDS awareness, prevention, treatment advocacy, food security, nutritional security, support groups, home-based care, and behaviour-change methodology. A wide range of materials – including audio-visual – were developed for the programme.  This programme was audited and evaluated by several independent organisations, and found to be one of the most cost-effective and rapid grass-roots capacitation programmes in SADC history.  

Corporate Wellness (2006-2008) 

Tsogo Gaming (casino industry with five units) commissioned the Company in 2006 to do a Wellness needs survey and an Absenteeism Analysis. This was followed by designing an evidence-based Wellness Programme. LTR (formerly Empowerment Concepts) trained delegates from all units in being “Wellness Champions”, networking the various services providers, and providing capacitation in areas not covered by other service providers, such as nutrition and primary health education. Data from 2008 indicate that the programme has reduced per head sick leave by 14%.  

Post Test Clubs (2009-2011) 

Post Test Clubs are a community-based program that promotes HIV prevention, treatment and support within a larger framework of building social capital in the following areas:

• Income generation

• Personal motivation and emotional intelligence

• Education concerning the body and immune system

• HIV, STI & TB Prevention and treatment

• Primary health education and prevention

• Food and water security and nutrition

• Substance abuse

• Mental health

• Gender equity 

One of the important aspects of the effectiveness of PTCs is that everyone – HIV positive or negative – is empowered and educated on all major aspects of HIV prevention and treatment, with little or no barrier of stigma. 

Another critical factor is that the principle entry requirement to receiving such empowerment and education is having an HIV test, as well as being tested for diabetes, hypertension, and other primary health conditions. In addition, the PTC program directly promotes referrals to and from Health Care clinics and other social services.  Over a single year (2010/2011) more than 35,000 community members participated in PTC activities, of which 16,000 were HIV-related. This programme was piloted in North West Province (2009/10) and the Xhariep District of the Free State (2010/2011), and funded by the CDC (Centre for Disease Control), under the auspices of the University of Washington (I-TECH SA).  

Wellness Clubs (2011-2013) 

This programme (2011 to 2013) was developed and implemented for the largest ‘Combination Prevention’ (medical and behavioural) research program to date, entitled Re Mmogo Pholong (Together in Wellness), funded by the CDC (Centres for Disease Control), under the auspices of the University of Washington, and monitored by the University of California (San Francisco) CAPS unit. It involved the development, design, training and delivery of a 17-session support group protocol (Prevention With Positives) plus diverse community activities for the general community. The support group protocol had a strong Prevention with Positives component.  This programme was piloted and delivered in the North West Province (2011/13). All contents were rigorously reviewed by the University of Washington, and UCSF (Centre for AIDS Prevention Studies).

Biography of David Patient

David R. Patient

Person Living With HIV (PLWHA) since 1983. Master Hypnotherapist (MHT) Marketing, Training, Programme Design, Facilitator

Co-author: Secrets, The Healer Inside You, Positive Health 6th edition, Choices, A practical guide to planning a Peer Education or Wellness Programme


Web: www.davidpatient.com

Cell: 082 591 2647

David is one of the longest-surviving people living with HIV in the world (31 years, as of March 2014). Has appeared in many television, newspaper and magazine articles and shows. Has presented many motivational seminars. Is a long-standing advocate and activist for the rights of people living with HIV, and has made numerous contributions in this regard.

Biography of Neil Orr

Neil M.Orr

Master’s Degree in Research Psychology (Univ. Cape Town) Master NLP Practitioner Materials development, Training, Programme Design, Facilitator.

Co-author: Secrets, The Healer Inside You, Positive Health 6th edition, Choices, A Practical Guide to Planning a Peer Education or Wellness Programme in South Africa.


Cell: 079 490 4846

Neil has spent the last 25 years focusing upon human potential, particularly in the area of leadership, communication, and health. His forté is transforming technical information into everyday language, particularly for South African contexts. He also enjoys facilitating critical thinking in others as a means to help people help themselves.

Biography of Elizabeth Wills

Elizabeth Wills was born in Zimbabwe, in 1957, and her family emigrated to Canada. In 1978, she returned to South Africa and completed her graduate studies in cell biology and environmental sciences at the University of Kwa Zulu Natal (Durban campus).

In 1991, when she moved to Rustenburg she became involved in the LifeLine movement and was part of the team who established counselling centres in Rustenburg, Botswana and Mafikeng.

In 1995 she was appointed as the Executive Director of LifeLine Mafikeng, a leadership post she held until 2014. Professionally she has been a counsellor, facilitator and trainer in counselling skills, suicide prevention, trauma de-briefing and domestic violence.

Her specialty has been in the field of HIV and AIDS concentrating on education and training. Working with the Departments of Health, she and her team has setup widespread static and mobile HCT units servicing deep rural communities in the North West Province, as well as a Thutuzela Domestic Violence Safe House and a Rape Crisis Centre in Mahikeng. Further, she was involved in the UNAIDS GIPA program to promote further awareness of the plight of PLWA’s.

Liz heads up our Lay counsellors training as well as personal growth facilitation.

Liz has collaborated with LTR for the past twenty years on numerous national and provincial programs and research projects under the auspices of the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention, PEPFAR, USIAD, the University of Washington and the University of San Francisco CAPS program.

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