Empowerment is a highly misunderstood concept in the modern era, and it isn’t a surprise that people are vested in spreading awareness about the concept of empowerment. Firstly, empowerment, as one can guess from the word itself, means giving the necessary confidence to the an insecure person.

In this website, you can read about the philosophy behind empowerment along with reasons behind its existence. A lot of people fail to take responsibility for themselves. Self-empowerment begins with taking responsibility for yourself. One can only believe in oneself if one creates their own life story.

To build your own story, you need to have courage to introspect and find out your goals and sources of happiness. Many of us forget, that we all desire different things from life, yet society forces us to chase similar things.

Empowerment and awareness goes hand in hand, because with awareness comes knowledge, and knowledge shapes our path to empowerment. In this website, you can read insightful articles about building your story and defeating your inner critic. Did you know that you are the biggest critic of yourself?

Many of us find ourselves trapped in past events. It happens due to several reasons, but if the event in your past has been severely negative, you take more time to process it, thus damaging your present life. Read on to find out better ways to cope up with the past and to convert negativity into positivity.

Moreover, the website is filled with wise and insightful articles. Read on to find out yourself.